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Engaged Sweeper
Something seems amiss with the scanner and our Win2kR2 servers. The servers are being found OK but Configuration->Network shows a bunch of RAS interfaces and no Ethernet NIC. These servers do not have RAS installed 😞

Any clues as to how to get the correct NIC to be found ?
Lansweeper Alumni
Problem resolved through email. Two fields in tblNetwork and tlbNetworkhist do not match the data type and/or size of their WMI counterparts. A manual fix was provided and this fix will included in our next release as well.
Lansweeper Alumni
Could you contact us at and provide us with screenshots of the following:
- Your web console landing page. You can access your landing page by clicking on the Lansweeper logo in the top left corner of the web console. Please show us the whole page.
- Lansweeper webpage for one problem machine. Please show us the Actions and Config\Network section of the page.