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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

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Learn about the benefits and components of Lansweeper Discovery and how it differs from on-premises scanning.

Lansweeper Discovery is an all-in-one asset discovery solution that identifies IT, OT, and cloud assets and catalogues them into a single inventory. This streamlines asset and user management, allowing you to manage your entire asset inventory through Lansweeper Sites.

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  • Comprehensive discovery: Gain insights into your network by discovering all IT, OT, and cloud assets, as well as expanded data such as fingerprints, open ports, and Mac users.
  • Enhanced control: Control when and where your assets are scanned, providing greater flexibility and management over your discovery processes.
  • Future-proofed: Use lighter, more secure discovery sources that accommodate both cloud and on-premises environments.
  • Usability: Download Lansweeper Discovery on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Enjoy automatic updates and reduced maintenance time.

What’s included in Lansweeper Discovery

Lansweeper Discovery comprises three discovery systems, each with unique capabilities and features.

Each discovery system shares similar configuration components, which you can learn more about in Discovery configuration.


Network Discovery (IT & OT Sensor)

Discover your network's IT and OT assets and view them in a single inventory.

IT Agent Discovery

Discover comprehensive data on your local devices using a lightweight scanning agent.

Cloud Discovery

Identify and catalogue all assets within your cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, storage buckets, databases, and more.

While Cloud Discovery is in preview, your cloud assets do not count towards your asset limit.

Lansweeper Discovery vs. Lansweeper On-premises scanning

Lansweeper On-premises scanning consists of LsAgent, LsPush, and the OT scanner and requires a Lansweeper On-premises installation. Lansweeper Discovery is fully supported by Lansweeper Sites and does not require an on-prem installation.

  Lansweeper Discovery scanning Lansweeper On-premises scanning
Asset reach All IT and OT Separate IT and OT executables
Required setup time Minutes Hours
Auto updates Yes No
Integration with 3rd party vault credentials Coming soon No
Installation Linux, Mac, and Windows Windows
Dev platform .NET Core .NET Framework
Requires SQL Database No Yes
Asset data Expanded: Includes Fingerprints, Open Ports, Mac users Default data

Keep in mind that using both Lansweeper Discovery scanning and Lansweeper On-premises scanning may cause duplicate assets to appear in your site. This issue will be resolved by GA.

In the meantime:

  • Use a second site to test Lansweeper Discovery.
  • Manually resolve duplications by going to Inventory > Duplicate conflicts.

Feedback and questions

Want to give feedback or ask questions? Email!

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New to Lansweeper?

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Experience Lansweeper with your own data.
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