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Community Manager
Community Manager


❄️Tis officially Flu🤒 season, stay safe (and warm). Here is a recap of the week so far...

New content from Lansweeper Teams

@MartinMeduna worked on a  Slack Integration PoC

@j_diaz  shared a post on recovering a SQL Server System Administrator password

New end of life update from @Esben_D  Visual Studio 2012 EOL,  there is also an updated SOC 2 Report from Lansweeper

Open Questions – Can You help?

Here are some new questions for resident power users... in the General Discussion forum

@DaleR has a question on Asset groups 

In the Custom Actions and Deployment Packages forum:

@whoami (cool username!) wants to know who else is using Sysinternals on their Lansweeper Server

Have a good one!

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