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Engaged Sweeper

What a community, I hope you can help me, I'm new to Lansweeper,
I want to do a deployment to uninstall Anydesk from more than 180 computers or some way to achieve this since searching in msi unistaller
I can't find Anydesk.



Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!


To install and uninstall software with Lansweeper, you can use our deployment module. We recommend that you go over all of the KB articles which can found in the deployment section of our knowledge base. These KB articles will go through the steps to create deployment packages and teach you more about the deployment module:
To uninstall software that is set up with a non-MSI installer, it will require specific parameters to uninstall the software silently from the client machines. These commands have to be looked up online or requested from the software vendor.

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