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Engaged Sweeper

 We've created a custom state called No Eu Assigned (No EndUser Assigned), to categorize computers where individuals have left the company but the computer is still on the domain to continue receiving windows updates etc and remain in our asset inventory.

We would like to push a deployment package to each of those machine updating a particular software on each No EU Assigned machine, in order to make sure they are ready if a new or existing employee needs to sit at that desk.

I have a report that pull all machines without the proper app version and with a state of No EU Assigned. I was trying to use the report as the deployment package target group. 

It seems to all fail because the state is not "active". 

Is there a way to deploy a package to machine not in an active state?

Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Deployments should work regardless of the asset state, as long as the deployment requirements are met (

You can find some troubleshooting here but if that does not solve your issue, you would need to open a support ticket

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