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Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Your deployment package fails although all requirements seem to be met.

How does the deployment module work?

The deployment module iterates through the below steps when deploying to a computer:

  • Using scanning credentials, RemoteDeployment_x64.exe is written to the local computer, it is stored in the Windows\LsDeployment folder.
  • All the details of the deployment package are written to the local computer's registry. The information is stored in the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\lansweeper
  • A scheduled task is created on the local computer using scanning credentials. This is the scheduled task you're seeing in the local task scheduler of the target computer.
  • The scheduled task is executed and calls RemoteDeployment_x64.exe with a GUID parameter to refer it to the correct registry location. Your Run Mode credentials are used for this.
  • RemoteDeployment_x64 executes the deployment package according to the steps stored in the local registry.
  • If the package share is used in a deployment step, the file is read out from the share directly, using your package share credentials.

What happened?

One of the deployment steps is to create a scheduled task on the target asset. It might be that this cannot be created.

Now what?

To test if a task can be created on the targeted asset, you can run the below command. Run it from your Lansweeper scanning server toward the targeted asset. 

This command will create a scheduled task to launch the calculator once (at noon) on the target device. If it fails, verbose output is given to help troubleshoot further.


schtasks /create /s <assetname> /u <Scanning credential username> /p <scanning credential password> /RU <Run mode username> /RP <Run mode password> /TN lansweepertest /sc ONCE /st 12:00 /tr "c:\Windows\System32\calc.exe"



The above command will only test if a task can be created in the Task Scheduler on the targeted device. This is just one step in the complete deployment sequence.

The full deployment sequence will also require Registry access, therefore, the Remote Registry service, found in Windows Services, must also be running on the target computer, as the deployment steps are written into the computer's registry as mentioned in the deployment  requirements

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