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Engaged Sweeper

Hello, this installer uses a bit of the other installers posted here and mixes them into one. This is set to only update windows 7 installs with java 32 bit and remove any other versions. Our main application vendor doesn't support the 32 bit version of java/ie at this time so installing the 64 bit is an unsupported configuration for us.

Modify as you like. The PS script can be find on this forum as well as the java installer that this is based on. All credit to those parties for building the foundation this is built on.

Engaged Sweeper II
I had problems with PowerShell 1 and Windows 10 for 2 reasons:

1. The execution security of powershell is restricted "Get-ExecutionPolicy" .

Fixed by executing "Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted"

2. The script does not correctly convert the string to the question. The question in the script:

If (($ app.Version -ne $ newest64bitVersion) -and ($ newest64bitVersion -ne $ null)) {

I do not operate correctly because $ newest64bitVersion returns a collection of number and not a string. The line I operate correctly is:

If (("$ app.Version" -ne "$ newest64bitVersion") -and ($ newest64bitVersion -ne $ null)) {

3. As an alternative method, VBScript is executed, which is attached.
Engaged Sweeper III
I'm confused about closing FF and Chrome since they use built in extensions for handling java and don't care about local installed versions. Also why target registry at only one version of java when you can just run wmic to uninstall all version prior to current like: wmic product where "name like 'java%%' and version<'8.0.6'" call uninstall
Engaged Sweeper II
Step 11 (disable auto update) can be skipped by adding


the the installer line.

For example:

"{PackageShare}\Java\jre-8u73-windows-i586.exe" INSTALL_SILENT=Enable AUTO_UPDATE=0 REBOOT=Disable EULA=Disable REMOVEOUTOFDATEJRES=Disable SPONSORS=Disable

The switches are all documented here:

While the document says "with a config file", the switches can be passed just fine on the command line.

Since you do the uninstallers in a separate step, REMOVEOUTOFDATEJRES=Disable is probably another good switch, and will save time and stalling out in the installer if the previous version of Java is corrupt.