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Engaged Sweeper

Where I work, we are pushing out the SEPC client to replace SEP v14.

This is how the install works once pushed.
The executable runs, and downloads a .dat file - The current version of protection is removed automatically.
Once it is ready - it prompts the user to reboot in xx minutes.
A scheduled task is created by the installation to run after reboot.

Where to get the SEPC_Install.exe?
Log into your SEPC dashboard - create a new installation package. Download the package and extract it.
It will create the following files:

SEPC_Package (folder)
SEPCDeployment.msi (For our scenario - this would not work)
SEPCDeployment.mst (Answer file for the msi)

Here is the meanings of the parameters:
/m - minimized
/FORCE_INSTALL - forces to install
/IGNORE_USER_SESSION - this is what we needed to use to have the restart notification appear on users screens after "SYSTEM" finished running the start of the install process
/ADMIN_INITIATED - If it did show up on users desktop - the "x" is disabled to prevent closing out (But can be closed/ended in taskmgr)
/UNATTENDED - allows .exe to send finished status code
/UPGRADE_DELAY x : Number of minutes to wait before installing/uninstalling current protection - not visible to end user in our configuration
/SMART_RESTART x : number of minutes to wait after uninstalling current protection to reboot - this does show to end user logged in