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Engaged Sweeper

This is a script to go alongside your Autodesk Building Design Suite silent deployment package for remote deployment. After installation is complete, if there is no user logged on, the machine will shut down (handy for out of hours mass installs).

Script Usage
You will need to have a deployment package already created for your Autodesk Building Design Suite for this script to work. You will need to edit the script file and change line 2 to match your environment (where the installation files for the deployment package are).
You will also need to rename the Autodesk.txt file to Autodesk.vbs and Shutdown-NoUser.txt to Shutdown-NoUser.vbs before moving to your LANSweeper package share

Deployment Package
Step 1 - checks if version is already installed (modify for the year / application of your choice)
Step 2 - Sends a message to the user
Step 3 - Executes the script attached to the post
Step 4 - Sends a completion message to the user
Step 5 - Checks if there is a user logged on, if not, shuts down the machine

Engaged Sweeper II
how will this work for Autodesk's new AEC collections? each product is a separate deployment.
Engaged Sweeper
Yes sorry, that is now attached also!
Lansweeper Alumni
iHoody wrote:
Yes sorry, that is now attached also!

Thank you!
Lansweeper Alumni
Maybe you could attach the shutdown script as well which you call in the last step. We could not test the package in our environment.