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Champion Sweeper III

This package will check for an existing installation of Firefox (both x86 and x64) and remove it from the client's system if it is present.

This package will only work if Firefox was installed in its default folders.
Change the version number to the correct version of Firefox

Engaged Sweeper II
I am reading this wrong?

Step 1: Is the OS 32-bit? If yes then go to Step 2
Step 2: Check for Firefox 64-bit...?
Lansweeper Alumni
The actual uninstall step in this deployment package doesn't specify the version number to be uninstalled. It simply runs the uninstall tool included in Firefox with a parameter. I'm assuming the same tool is present in multiple Firefox releases, i.e. can be used to uninstall any Firefox installation on the machine.

It's the condition steps earlier on in the deployment package that check whether the Firefox installation is version 26.0. You could simply remove these steps (2 and 3) to uninstall all Firefox versions, and reinstall your preferred one. More information on creating and running deployment packages can be found in this section of our knowledge base.
Engaged Sweeper II
Hey I had a question,
I know I want to install the latest version of Firefox on every computer which I have the ability to do. But I would like to be able to uninstall everyones older version as well, but the version #'s are all over the place from 27-42.0.xx and the most up to date at the moment is 43. Is there a wildcard or something I can put in so this package can recognize the outdated version and uninstall on any machine??