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Engaged Sweeper III

Install PDFCreator (a print-to-PDF) to x86/x64 Windows.

The installer .exe can be found on PDFCreator's website here:

By default, the installer should be placed in "{PackageShare}\Installers\PDFCreator\PDFCreator-2_5_3-Setup.exe"

By default, a reboot is suppressed using a command-line switch. You can turn the reboot back on by removing the "/NORESTART" switch in the install step, or turning reboot on in the deployment options, whichever tickles your fancy.

There are several other command-line switches that can be found here:

This deployment could also be used for their paid version, which uses the same installer. See the command-line documentation above for switches related to licensing.

Engaged Sweeper

Hi! i have a problem with this deployment.

every time I try I get this error:

Scanning Credentials Result: Package timeout reached. Stopping deployment executable: Successful. Timeout: (600sec)

I edited the commands to launch them with the new installer.

can you give me some suggestions?

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