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Engaged Sweeper II


I'm getting the following error in the scanning issues log on 92 out of 1300 Windows hosts:

"No information found. Check if print spooler service is enabled and running on the asset and rescan the asset."

I've disabled scanning for both PRINTERS and PRINTERDRIVERS as shown in the below screenshot. After disabling I restarted the server and rescanned the assets. The assets have been scanned multiple times since the scan items were disabled.


Here is a screenshot of an asset with the error in the log. Notice that it shows disabled. Also, when I go to the asset there are no errors.


It appears that the error is only showing up in the "Other scanning issues" log, not on the actual asset. How do I clean up the log?


Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

It's best to contact tech support for this. This might involve an SQL script to delete old errors, or if these errors are new, despite the scan items being disabled, this might need a minor bug fix.


Engaged Sweeper II

Something that I just noticed is that all of the assets giving the error are VMware hosts.