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Engaged Sweeper III

Here's a neat trick to deploy an action as an admin and have it launch a program as the logged on user (making it appear on their screen).

cmd.exe /K SCHTASKS /Create /S {smartname} /TN "Run Calculator Task" /TR "calc.exe" /SC ONCE /SD 20/10/2010 /ST 20:10 /RU {userdomain}\{username} /F && SCHTASKS /Run /S {smartname} /TN "Run Calculator Task" && SCHTASKS /Delete /S {smartname} /TN "Run Calculator Task" /F

This is achieved by creating a task on the remote computer that's configured to run as the logged on user. The task is immediately run and afterwards deleted.

If you think this is useful. Consider liking my feature request to make this work in deployments too. The link is here: http://www.lansweeper.com/Forum/yaf_postst13655_More-action-parameters--variables--in-deployments.as...

Currently it won't work in deployments because the {userdomain}\{username} variables aren't recognised within deployments.
Engaged Sweeper

Can you explain when I would need to use this?

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