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Engaged Sweeper III
We have started assigning inventory to users in Lansweeper and would like to have user's review/verify the assignments using the held desk interface, something like My Assets - is this already available and I'm not seeing it?

If it isn't there, is this something we can add like widgets for the agents?

Engaged Sweeper III
Thanks Karen,

Nice to know those options. But only option 3 is applicable to my request - I want to user to see the asset's assigned to them on the Dashboard - can I create a custom widget to sit alongside "Helpdesk" and "My tickets" called "My Assets" that lists the related assets? Also, I would want more details than just the asset name as that isn't descriptive enough for the average user to be meaningful.

Eventually, I would want the user to review these assets and verify that they are all still assigned to them/in their possession through the web interface.

Champion Sweeper III
There are 3 ways you can view assets related to a user, aside from making a custom widget.
  • If given access to the asset management part, you can go to a user's page by clicking on its name. This will show logged on assets and user asset relations.
  • Otherwise agents can view a user's related and logged on assets when adding assets to a ticket. If they don't have any relations then the relations tab will not be available.
  • Users can view their own asset relations if they are allowed to add assets to new tickets (dependent on ticket type restrictions: extra new ticket options). The relations that will be displayed can be chosen on the Configuration -> General Settings page under User permissions
Engaged Sweeper III
also needed here
Engaged Sweeper
That's something we also would like to do.