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Champion Sweeper II
I noticed after scanning deployments are not trigered when the asset is updated using LSPush, otherwise if I rescan the asset manually the after scanning deployments are trigered.

This is a normal behaviour?

One of the porpouses I setup the LSPush in the logon a script was to trigger deployments. I that case what approach can you recommend?

All ideas are welcome!
Champion Sweeper II
Regarding the usage of LSpush on the logon scripts with the scope of trigger after scanning deployments on logon.

The best workaround I found is setup a recurring (eg. every 1 hour) scanning task based on a report, but is just a workaround. I my opinion LSPush scanning should trigger after scanning deployments.

In my opinion, would be interesting a Lansweeper agent with the good bandwidth features of LSpush, with the ability to trigger afterScanning deployments like actually has the LSClient and If can I go further.... the ability to pop up a message when a deployment is applying.
Because when software like Microsoft Office, SAP, etc... is pushed silently, the user can attempt to restart the machine without being aware. A nice Lansweeper banner near the clock can be a cool way to notify the user.

Can this be added to the wishlist?