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Engaged Sweeper

On some of my Windows server assets the installed anti virus is not being detected.

It is in the software list for the asset, but it still says "Antivirus: No antivirus installed."

We have the exact same anti-virus on other assets, on which it is correctly identified. Seems a bit hit and miss as to whether it recognises it or not despite it being in the software list for the assets.

All scan permissions for assets are configured by GPO so there shouldn't be any difference between our assets as to not allowing lansweeper to scan it.

Any suggestions as to why it's either not detecting the anti virus settings or why it's reporting it incorrectly?

Engaged Sweeper III
Looking at the knowledgebase entry for Anti-Virus ( ) you can see that the WMI query that detects AV only works for workstations, not servers. For servers, you must be sure that your AV software is listed in the table for recognized AV software ( Software --> Anti-Virus Settings ).