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Engaged Sweeper

Hello Community,

I am new to the Lansweeper and need to know a detail about Lansweeper reports.

I have a customer and they need to get the details of the PCs that not installed an Antivirus product in their enterprise network. Can I get those details from Lansweeper by using reports? If so, How can I do that?

Thanks You.



Lansweeper Tech Support
Lansweeper Tech Support

Hello there!

In your Lansweeper Classic installation, you will find many useful built-in reports under the Reports tab, including several anti-virus reports. Additionally, the report library houses many reports, ranging from network reports to vulnerability reports or even Patch Tuesday reports. If you find a SQL query in the report library that you would like to import into your own Lansweeper Classic installation, you can do so in just a few easy steps: https://community.lansweeper.com/t5/reporting/add-a-report-to-your-lansweeper-installation/ta-p/6449...

The following anti-virus reports should be present in your Lansweeper Classic installation by default, but we added their direct links for your convenience: