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Engaged Sweeper
We recently changed A/V programs and I've tailored LS Anti-Virus settings to reflect only our current A/V Software as approved A/V software. However, I'm still seeing programs like Microsoft Defender show up in the Anti-Virus line under computer Antivirus summary. What changes do I need to make to show that A specific software is the only approved A/V so that I can then query our network to determine what machines are not compliant?

Jason Skwarek
Lansweeper Alumni
Lansweeper scans anti-virus programs both out of WMI where available (which includes status information), and by comparing software installations with the anti-virus lists, the latter is customizable, but the former is not, and is pulled directly from the local computer. More information on the anti-virus scanning procedure can be found here.

As long as Windows Defender is found when querying the anti-virus WMI class (Securitycenter/Securitycenter2), its existence and status will be listed on individual asset pages.