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Engaged Sweeper
There's a couple things I'm trying to figure out how to do, and I just haven't been able to.
Two things we REALLY need:

1. I need to a way to see asset config change history. Example: an IP scan adds some assets, they're AWS EC2 instances. One instance is "cc-test", the Model field says "t3a.medium". A month later, we downsize that instance to "t3a.small". Or maybe we didn't, but some user is blaming Infrastructure for downsizing when we didn't. If I change "cc-test" the field does update on the next scan, but I can't find a history of what it was, what it was changed to, and who/how it was updated.

2. I need a way to see the installed packages version history, or if a package was update/removed/added. Example: that same crazy user is saying Infrastructure pushed package updates that broke their app. I need to be able to prove that no packages were changed from the time the server was instantiated until now. OR we did update the monitoring software packages, which would not affect their app, the libraries are unrelated.

If someone can help me out with this, you'd make my manager VERY happy! 😄
Engaged Sweeper
Received a reply from Support. Neither of these cases are currently supported. Possibly in the future though.