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Freeze column in report

Is there a way to keep the leftmost column in a report stationary as you scroll through columns on the right, as you can in Excel? I'm using the Switch Ports report which pulls data from SNMPInfo.Vlan - very helpful, but it doesn't just give the VID,...

jkoelker by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk - Auto outgoing emails

OK so in my environment I have setup 2 outgoing email templates to email agents when a ticket has closed as I close out anything that has been resolved for over 7 days. I also have an outgoing email that gets sent to the user when a ticket state is s...

Helpdesk Report for unresolved tickets

Helpdesk Report for unresolved ticketsI would like to include the last update in the reportI have this script to include the last comment or note added to a ticket in an unresolved ticket report. But it adds all the font info the note field etc. Plea...

Walter by Engaged Sweeper
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LSAgent not Scanning or Reporting all Software

I've got the agent running on all my Windows 10 Enterprise machines and noticed it wasn't detecting all software on my computers. I removed the agent from one one computer and did an agentless scan and it was able to discovery all the software withou...

nlcolvi by Engaged Sweeper
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Vcenter Scanning Credential

Hi All,I've follow the document to scan the virtual center "", but I'm stock in the last step when you had to assign the credential to the IP range. It just not apparear as an opti...

Scanning - computer manufacturer shows as VPN though

Hello,On initial scanning/discovery and since we have so many users at home on our VPN, the computer manufacturer is being reported as our VPN (Sonicwall). Not sure why it's not fully querying the actual computer device, but seems to pull based on wh...

bmerri19 by Engaged Sweeper
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