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Champion Sweeper II
I was wondering if there were any plans to disregard the "location" type assets in lansweeper7 against the licensed asset count, just like is done with monitors.

It seems a bit silly to count them as, at least for me, they are just used for maps to place the original assets for easy
identification. I use a bunch now but could easily make many more if I wanted to subgroup things or get more detailed... but that would (in the new license scheme) use up many more asset licenses.

Engaged Sweeper II
I have to admit I too find this annoying and contradictory. So we have a situation where a logical group (aka 'Location'), which isn't a physical device counts towards your asset count, but a physical device (i.e. a 'monitor') doesn't?

I'm certainly no expert, but it seems to me that the logical group 'Location' should not even be considered an Asset. It's always stuck out like a sore thumb, and no better example of that is the 'Assets without a Location' report (*). Why does it show my Locations as needing a Location? For example: I have a location called 'Telecom Room 1'. Why does that flag as needing a location? Do I link it to another location, say Building, that then shows up as needing a location? How deep does this chain go?

Looking at the list of 80 asset types included in Lansweeper, Location is the only non-physical asset I really notice in that list(**). I'd argue about Rack also, as I consider a Rack similar to a shelf: it's used to hold things. Yes, you can put things like Power control modules on it, but then that is a separate device, not the 'Rack'.

I'd suspect it's due to how Lansweeper was built, considering everything as an asset. That's fine, but times change, and if the categorization of an item is fundamentally different than every other asset, then that seems to me it needs to change.


(*) Yes, I know, I can edit the report and change the criteria (I have for non-default reports), but it's still showing the inconsistency of treating a 'Location' as an Asset.

(**) Excluding virtual devices, such as VM's. I'd think we all agree that they are 'devices' in the sense that they are a virtual device. Not sure about 'Citrix Guest' and 'Citrix Pool'.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
There are no plans like that at the moment. Locations are treated the same as manually created assets.