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Engaged Sweeper

Good morning,

I am in the process of cleaning up our purchased software licenses, and noticed something funky.  The count of each license in the compliance breakdown seems to have more than I expect, and I think I have found the 'issue'.

For example, if I purchased Adobe DC licenses, say, 1 of them.  Then 2 months later I buy another 5 and sync it up with the renewal for the first one, in the "orders" section (which is where I assume license compliance gets the active count?) then it shows up as 6 total licenses.  No problem.  

However *next year* when I add the new 'order' (renewal) for 6 licenses, now the compliance sheet specifies that I have 12 total licenses (because it is grabbing the previous order(s) as well as the most current one.

This has caused some issues with our compliance making it look like we have dozens more licenses for software than we do, just because I am keeping historical track in the "orders" section.  I have worked around this by "zeroing" out the previous purchased license counts, and just adjusting the most current one, but this is less than ideal for historical record keeping.

I think I may have a solution, but it would need to be in a future version of Lansweeper.  WOuld it be possible to add a checkbox next to each "order" to flag the order is "show/dont show" or "inactive" or something?  Then we could have 20 different lines with individual license purchase records over the years, but only set the most current one as 'active' for reporting purposes.


Would this be doable?




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