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Resolved! Helpdesk report for tickets for all on one reason

I have set the HD up this way and need to run the report from this site. I want to add each ticket reason beneath, not just one, so I thought this would w...

Tholmes by Engaged Sweeper III
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Wipe LS data

Hello community!Is there a way to wipe all the data from LS? I found a topic from 2012 with a script to run, but as it is too old, I believe it may be outdated after 9 years, right?Also, we use LsAgent on our Windows and Mac laptops. By wiping the da...

roberto_m by Engaged Sweeper III
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Office 365 connector not working

Hi,I have created an Office 365 connector in Scanning Methods with my Office 365 username and my password, however when the scan is run the error message "Unable to login using credentials for '...'"I am 100% sure I'm using the correct 365 username a...

stever by Engaged Sweeper II
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Helpdesk Users combining with AD User

We have a lot of Helpdesk users that aren't connected with the AD user. How are those two accounts synced? It seems to be very random as to which account is used when a ticket is created. Is there a easy way to push for all users that have a matchi...

IP Addresses

We changed the IP addresses for VOIP phones but Lansweeper hasn't picked up the new IP addresses. I tried a manual scan on a couple but still not recognizing new IP.

kgraham by Engaged Sweeper
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Remove devices with no Last Seen date

I have some 250 devices that are showing up in LANSweeper with no Last Seen date in their data. So they don't seem to be getting deleted by the normal clean-up process for devices over X days old. Is there a way to manually delete these machines?

Brendan440 by Engaged Sweeper II
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