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Engaged Sweeper
I want to replace an uptime report that I get from SolarWinds with a report from Lansweeper. The info I need is on the uptime tab of Windows assets: "Asset on total" (which gives the time an asset was on during a week/month). This info exists historically for at least 3 months in our installation so all the data I need is being pulled from Lansweeper.

Can this data point be used in a report or exported in some way? I really don't want to have to pull this out manually for all my servers.
Engaged Sweeper
What I want to do is report on a metric that shows the percentage of uptime in a given time frame. Forexample "DC1 was up 99.9% of January." The time since last reboot isn't what I'm looking for.
Champion Sweeper III
Hi Ian,

Can you not use the built in report in Lansweeper "Assets: Uptime since last reboot" , or have I misunderstood?