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LSAgent For OSX not registering

Out of the blue new OSX devices (Apple Macs) are not reporting into the portal with our cloud relay ID. I was able to add them before this week but we cannot get them talking. We have rebooted the Lansweeper server to no avail.

Jonnym by Engaged Sweeper II
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AD User information not updating

I have upgraded our lansweeper installation to version was especially looking forward to use users ExtensionAttributes in reports.Unfortunately these fields are not being populated and the lastscan date is the same with all users, which i...

Tomas by Engaged Sweeper III
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Mutliple domain formats in scan results

We have scanned our LAN and see that our previous technicians each had a different way of adding assets to our domain. The domain should be companyname.com, but instead we have COMPANYNAME, COMPANYNAME.COM, companyname.com. If I do a mass asset updat...

Mac Users

Hi Folks,Is it possible to get the current and/or historical logged in user on a Mac? Our Mac's are all windows domain joined.Thanks in advance!Ian

Query 2 on 'Assets: Installed software by computer' Report

Good Afternoon Sirs,I’m after some assistance/advise on the report pre-built within Lansweeper called 'Assets: Installed software by computer' if possible.Due to the sheer amount of records this report shows in full (currently 405902 in our system), ...

Rob-CD by Engaged Sweeper II
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Licensing error causing issues deploying packages?

Good morning everyone, I’ve been using the free version of Lansweeper since the full trial expired some months ago. We have under 100 assets (85) and I’ve been trying to make a deployment for Windows updates. The problem that I am experiencing is tha...

tom78CJE by Engaged Sweeper
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Set to non-active

No matter which configuration I do in Configuration>Server Option. The date in the last seeing option in the asset is in 2018 and after 90 it should be set to non-active. Any one know why it is not working?

andrelima by Engaged Sweeper
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