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Engaged Sweeper

I'm currently updating our inventory in lansweeper, I've an issue with the field assetsnames. In this field it's displaying the Model of the printer instead of the name attributed to the printer.

An example: I've a Ricoh printer model SP8200DN with IFNP032 for the hostname.

In Lansweeper the field assetsname is SP8200DN and the hostname IFNP032.

Is it possible to have the same name, the hostname for both ? without using the option lock against scanning ?

Thank you in advance

Engaged Sweeper
Hello Bruce,

That's ok for me, thank you for your prompt reply.

Lansweeper Alumni
If the model name of the printer is the same as the assetname of the printer, this is likely what is being retrieved through SNMP for the printer. Likely, SP8200DN is the name of the printer in SNMP. Do note that duplicate assetnames are not an issue for non-Windows assets, printers are uniquely identified based on their MAC address within Lansweeper (if found). In your case it's possible that the full DNS name of the printer is being retrieved, which would contain IFNP032, however, this information is not used to form the assetname if a name can be retrieved through SNMP, as the name in SNMP *should* be more accurate than a partial string selection of the DNS name.

In this situation the only solution would unfortunately be to manually rename the printers and to lock the asset name against scanning.