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3rd Party/Custom Scanners

Hello all,I'm trying to get all of my asset management centralized in Lansweeper but have one type of device that's proving difficult. Our Apple MDM. We use SimpleMDM to manage our iOS devices and while yes when they are on the network I can scan t...

Meraki router scan error

Hi,I have recently added a Meraki router as a scanning target. Lansweeper is able to scan the router and display information like the name, model and network interfaces status.My problem is that I get the following error on each scan:And the scan is ...

edsn by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! SSL with IIS Express Not working

I'm familiar with how to set up SSL in IIS Express. However, every time we do, it breaks the system. The moment I input the cert's thumbprint and restart the service, the whole site now becomes unreachable. As soon as I put the old thumbprint back in...

Ryan_C by Engaged Sweeper
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Server disk space report.

I need a report that shows all servers and all disks with 90% or less free disk space on each disk.Can this be created as a widget?Thanks as I'm new to Lansweeper.

dshephard by Engaged Sweeper
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Licensing for 1 Customer with 2 separate Installations

Hi there.actually we have a customer that runs 2 separate environments - 1 main and 1 complete isolated.The isolated one is pretty tiny with only up to 20 assets. Sadly the free version of lansweeper now doesn't allow e-mail reports or exports anymor...

elSimon by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Lansweeper License Renewal

I just recently purchase license renewal for our lansweeper.We already paid the invoice 1 week ago (Cleverbridge ref no 309606228) but up til now we still have not receive any email stating the full license renewal key.We tried and look everywhere fo...

hyugai by Engaged Sweeper
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Default Scanned item intervals

Over time we have changed the scanning intervals on different components to suit a particular purpose. As a result, our scans take quite a while and get behind during the day. Is there a place for me to find a list of the default settings for the "...

Saraee by Engaged Sweeper II
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