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Engaged Sweeper II

We've got several Konica Minolta multifunction devices around our offices and I've noticed some serious inconsistencies in the data they report in LanSweeper. I've pretty much ignored it until now, but our asset department is wanting a way to monitor and track toner levels and pages printed on our printers and I figured since LanSweeper seems to be capable I'd like to use it if possible to get it working properly. The problem is, LanSweeper is reporting the information wrong.

I've attached an image of two issues I'm seeing. I can get clearer images if needed.

It looks like it reversed the black drum unit, developing unit (black), developer (black), ozone filter, transfer roller unit, and paper dust remover values. It also left off the Fusing unit. The black toner appears to be correct. So it's showing the amount used, not the amount remaining.

Lansweeper Alumni
Hi Lizaoreo,

Could you send an email about this issue to, please include the following files and information so we can determine what is causing this misreporting:
  • A quick recap of the issue.
  • Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Service\Errorlog.txt as found on your Lansweeper server.
  • A screenshot of the asset page of one Konica printer and its respective status page much like you've posted here.
  • The full output of devicetester.exe run to the same printer. Run devicetester.exe directly from your Lansweeper server out of the Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions folder, using your scanning SNMP credentials.
Engaged Sweeper III
Ok sorry, I manage to use public SNMP and I have the same value I read from web access of our printers. So if I have problem to see corrected this data on webaces printers then in Lansweeper in my case is the same.

Have a nice day!
Engaged Sweeper III
Hi lizaoreo,

Can you please make a print screen with how you set SNMP on your Konica printers? I have C280 model and I don't know how to configure SNMP to enable LanSweeper to scan successfully.

On my device I have problem with statistics about toner, I replace toner with new one and the printers don't detect the new tonner on physical printer and on web access of that printers. The printers is ok, print without problem until remain without dust toner.


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