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Engaged Sweeper II

You have integrated scan targets for Microsoft Intune which is great for our mobile devices.

However, you did not take advantage of this connector to scan Windows devices. Indeed, all our Windows devices are not managed by SCCM but by Intune, it could be interesting to extend the scan to Windows devices on Intune as well.

This would make it possible to be even more efficient when the LS agent is not correctly installed and the employees are in homeoffice all the time.

Thank you

Engaged Sweeper II

We are also desperately needing this integration. We are in the same boat and will be using Intune for Windows 10 devices also and it would be very valuable to complement data already being pulled in by the agent for remote staff!

Engaged Sweeper II

One information that could be important to know from Intune is the type of registration: Personal or Business.
Because I do not find it relevant to integrate the inventory of personal devices or to be able to isolate it in a report.