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Engaged Sweeper III

My Lansweeper cloud dashboard shows 1200 systems with no AV.... really?

It does not detect all others. 



where is this in the cloud ?



Champion Sweeper III

I think its in the reports under "Antivirus per Type" report. I've created a dashboard with these two items, chart and report. See image.

Mine seem to show the AV, but not all is correct yet. I've got a server report on the same dashboard with no AV listed, even though there is AV on them.

2023-04-06 14_41_00-Lansweeper — Mozilla Firefox.png

Champion Sweeper III

so I've spent a grand total of 15 minutes in cloud (i've finally decided to check it out) and it seems that the antivirus reports are a manually curated list inside of the code itself.  You have to, as far as I can tell, go in to edit the code, copy it out, delete the step, add the step back in and paste the code.  Unless I'm wrong, and I could be, you can't just go and add an antivirus application in an antivirus section.  I dunno... still digging through it, but for sure my antivirus reports weren't taking windows defender into account.

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