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SSO cloud with AzureAD

Hi all,I've set up our cloud site with Azure AD. I added our AD security group into the app as a user in AD.I am able to add users to the SSO owners, but when users log in they are asked to create a site and do not go to the landing page. Did I miss ...

Cloud Lansweeper Azure SQL Managed Instance

Hi,Are there any plans to support Azure SQL Managed instance with Cloud Lansweeper? Our DB is currently on Azure SQL Managed instance, but we can't utilize the Cloud portion since it doesn't support Managed Instance. Is there an ETA for this capabili...

Alig26 by Engaged Sweeper
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OIDC SSO connected to Azure - asks to setup new site

Hi,I have setup SSO with our Azure platform using OIDC - sadly I did this before finding out that adding verifying the domain is irreversible - (that warning needs to be at the top!!), so I cannot change to SAML.I have set the token email_verified to...

sc3 by Engaged Sweeper
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Website Access and Groups.

We are a big organisation, with many independent departments,They are not allowed to see eachothers assets.We need to be able to filter their view, if they are allowed access.So we wanted to use Asset Scopes.Asset Scope definition is extremely limite...

Lars_Kruse by Engaged Sweeper II
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API Usage - Iterating Over Pages

I am currently trying to get all software on our assets using 'softwareListWithCursor', but I'm having issues with getting past the pagination limit on the response. It seems that I'm limited to 500 results per request, and in order to get the next p...

seandtms by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Certificate to create thumbprint for O365 scanning

See the following article.   Under the certificate section, I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on where they've obtained this certificate and instructions on creating it?

andejo55 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Support for other devices intune

Hello,We have setup a connection to our cloud to scan our intune devices. But overlooked the line "Specifically, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone mobile devices can be scanned"So we found out the hard way that a simple windows laptop/...

RobinD by Engaged Sweeper
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Cannot filter reports

Hello,Just starting to use the Cloud version, comparing it with our on premise version.When I watch any report on assets, I miss the fiter fields above each column.That is a serious absence of functionallity for me, I use that very often.Can I add th...

Beheer by Engaged Sweeper
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Remove link to Cloud features.

I've installed the latest version which contains a new 'feature':Added: LAN-14226 Added sections to the web console that link to Cloud features.Is there any possibility to remove these sections, as we don't use the Cloud features and are not...

Hendrik_VE_0-1675257331680.png Hendrik_VE_1-1675257363138.png
Hendrik_VE by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! Cloud - No option to turn off the "Introducing Lansweeper Cloud" pop-up

The title says it all, in the new version a pop-up tells you all about the Lansweeper Cloud, however we don't want this to show up for all our users using the webconsole. For the default Welcome to Lansweeper there is a website setting, howe...

Jvds0 by Engaged Sweeper
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Software Deployment Integrations

Hi everyone,We'd like to develop one or more integrations to cover software/patch deployment in our LS Cloud, and we'd love your help!Which software, that provides such functionalities, you'd like to see a new integration for? and why?Thanks in advan...

intune phone number import

Has anyone noticed that the phone numbers being imported from intune now have the Word "Primary" at the front? of the number. For Australian numbers this is a problem as it then can't add the last digit, so the phone number information is incomplete....

Jebster by Engaged Sweeper
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