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Resolved! SSO & DUO: Recieving "email-not-sent-from-provider"

Hi All!Just like the subject suggests, I've configured SSO with our Cloud DUO on the LANSweeper side and configured the application on the DUO side.Everything seems to be correct as the connection is good, and the auth in DUO is successful. I've conf...

bk by Engaged Sweeper
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Cloud API's to edit assets

Hi All,I couldn't find any information in the API docmentation so I figured I would reach out to the community. Are there any API's available through LS Cloud that allow the modification of asset information, specifically the state, location, and con...

Dan909 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Renamed sync server and now it can't connect

Hi all! Happy new user least until a little while ago After running as initial scan I realized a few Windows PCs that were scattered over different workgrops. While fixing that I also changed the names of some of them, including the sync se...

BadPixel by Engaged Sweeper
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Scanserver Bugged

HelloWe had a lansweper server on an old machine which we had to migrate due to technical problems, this server was linked to the cloudWhen we installed the new server we were able to configure everything and I tried to delete the old scanserver and ...

Mrj11 by Engaged Sweeper
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Duplicate assets in cloud

In my site, I have a laptop listed twice.  One of them is from the main scan, but it's not domain-joined, so I'm using LsPush, which created a second asset, but Lansweeper doesn't recognize it as a duplicate.In Asset deduplication in Cloud - Lansweep...

edbarton by Engaged Sweeper
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