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Engaged Sweeper III
Just updated to the latest version to benefit from the Bitlocker Recovery Key lookup, which is great..... but....
There is no Bitlocker Password ID associated with the records. For machines that have multiple drives, encrypted USB disks or have had replacement drives, this is essential to know which Recovery Key you are looking for.

Is this just not working for me or is this something that needs to be included? If so, can I make a request to have this included please?

Engaged Sweeper III
Champion Sweeper II
Agreed, not just you. I thought maybe it was just a value that wasn't enabled by default on the report but it's definitely just not stored in that table. I think you should submit this on the wishlist forum as this is a glaring hole in their new BitLocker reporting feature. It's probably as simple as querying one additional item and adding it to the table.