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Engaged Sweeper II
We have the full On-Prem Lansweeper. Are we able to migrate it to Lansweepers Cloud and/or is it free or an extra cost?
Engaged Sweeper III

Bump on this, as we have the same question now. One person has access to the cloud site but doesn't remember how it was setup. License says we are currently linked, but when I login to the site, everything is blank. I can copy the linking code from there but there's nowhere in Lansweeper Classic to put this as the cloud site is already setup. 

Engaged Sweeper II
Ok so looking at our on-prem lansweeper under configuration > Link with cloud site - its saying that we ARE linked. Clicking on our Cloud Site Name bring to a login page but how/what account do we use to login? On-Prem uses our AD credentials which dont work for the cloud login. Creating a new free lansweeper account and trying to login wants us to create a "new" tenent, which we dont want to do.