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Honored Sweeper
Hi Guy's,

Does anyone know of a way to change the contact numbers on the User Pages from CallTo: to Tel:

The reason I ask is we use Skype For Business and for that to work it needs to use Tel:

We can use Teams to use the CallTo: links but Skype doesn't work.

We are in a hybrid environment so have to use Skype for Business, otherwise we don't get IM's etc via Skype. Our phone system if we call via Teams, doesn't prevent calls coming through as part of the call group so we end up with Skype ringing as well if we used teams.

More than likely we will need to change it back to CallTo: later on, but hoping someone might know an easy way to change it?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This looks to be hardcoded in the UI, and not something you can customize on your end.