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Engaged Sweeper II
Is it possible to configure Lansweeper to scan a PC and get information from the USB connected UPS?

Currently we can see the "APC UPS" under the USB devices but it does not register anything more than that. I would like Lansweeper to register it as an asset and scan it via SNMP (can configure on UPS) but I don't think that's possible since it's not on the network.
Champion Sweeper II
Ah, PowerChute. It has been a few years but I'm at least minimally familiar.

I don't think Lansweeper can handle this scenario, or at a minimum it would get really confused if you did make it work. It's going to say [HOST] is [IP], but also that [UPS] is associated to [HOST], which is [IP]. Unlike monitors, I don't think it can interpret the UPS as attached to [HOST] and create a separate asset for it. They would likely battle for supremacy.

I don't think you would even get that far, but if you did I think your next post would be "Why does Lansweeper keep replacing my [HOST] asset with my UPS asset?"

If it's important enough, you may be able to buy an add-on card for the UPS to allow it to connect directly to your network.
Engaged Sweeper II
I have PowerChute Business Edition installed on the PC (even though supposedly it doesn't support the model I use). It allows me to access the UPS via web portal on UDP 6547. I am able to configure the UPS for SNMP 1/2 and SNMP 3. I've used Lansweeper Device Tester to scan the PC connected to it and it passes the SNMP test.

The UPS only has a Data Port for USB & Serial so I can't connect it directly to the network unfortunately.

Not sure what more configuration I can make for Lansweeper. I didn't know if Lansweeper tries to scan devices connected to the PC using the scanning credentials provided. Or if there was a way to configure Lansweeper to do that.
Champion Sweeper II
How do you configure it on the UPS? SNMP is a network protocol.

Doing a few minutes of research makes it sound like there are some tools that need to be installed on the PC that the UPS is connected to, and the tools may accept a SNMP query which it then relays to the UPS device to gather information from it. If this is true, it is a very specific use case that in all likelihood won't top the list of feature requests.

It may never work, but it may be worth going through the proper install/configuration of the UPS and software, verifying the SNMP creds that you want to use actually work, and then configuring a separate scan on that PC using those creds. This is 100% going to rely on how the vendor software is supposed to function.

Is there a reason you don't just have the UPS connected to your network? Maybe it is a small model without network connectivity, but I figured that was worth asking.