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Engaged Sweeper II
I am trying to get LanSweeper to copy a file from the LanSweeper server to the local box I am trying to deploy an update on.

I am trying to push Google Chrome update and doing the install from the LanSweeper box is not working well for our Overseas users.
Champion Sweeper
I pressed submit too early

so like I said, if you set up a package share, you probably won't have to do those copy commands and local executions, you can probably keep your deployment package the same - provided that the packageshare location for overseas is close enough / enough bandwidth to have the computers just install the package from the UNC path...

Champion Sweeper
For remote subnets/locations, I recommend specifying an 'IP Address Range Location'

Example: 'Add IP Range location' > Location Name 'Overseas Example' , Start IP Address, End IP Address, and then specify 'Package Share' and a share username and password.

Then, you can keep your deployments referencing the {PackageShare} wildcard in your deployment steps.

Then when you deploy and the IP address falls under 'Overseas Example' range, it will deploy from that share you created. Obviously, when you set up a package or files/installs, you will need to copy to all shares you set up this way, before deploying.

you can use the 'Command' Action in your deployment, and use the 'copy' command:

md c:\tempfolder

Then maybe:

copy \\{PackageShare}\pathfolder\whatever.msi "c:\tempfolder\"

Then run your install msiexec or whatever command pointing to c:\tempfolder

Then delete the tempfolder and contents (rd command)

Hope that helps