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Champion Sweeper

I am trying to follow the instructions for setting up an API bearer token but every time Hit authorize I get this error: "result=failure&message=Could+not+make+access+token+requests.The+feature+has+been+deprecated,please+download+the+latest+Postman+app"

I am following the steps here: How to Authenticate with our API | Documentation – Lansweeper

I have tried the URL's:  and all the others that are suggested and keep getting the above error.

Any suggestions on how to get the dang token?

Product Team
Product Team

Please have a look at this new post. Any feedback will be appreciated!

Engaged Sweeper

Hi @Cobra7 !

The cloud applications needs an accessible URL to provide the authorization code in order to get the bearer token.

If it is a single test, you can put any invented URL and get the code although the redirect result in a failure in the browser, but you will find in the URL the code, like:

In a real environment the allowed callback URL should be public and should be managed by your application, to get the code and perform the authorization, the flow is described in, in authorization-and-authentication-sequence section.

Champion Sweeper

I'll take a look but I also got the same error when I put in an Insomnia callback URL:

I'll try the other token option and see if I can get that to work.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi I am afraid that this issue is related to Postman rather then API (

Can you elaborate a bit more on usecase that you are trying to solve. Personal token might be a solution for you as one option .

Otherwise you just follow

  1. setting url in postman
  2. crafting the content of the body (using download credentials) 
  3. receiving a token