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Engaged Sweeper
I am new to writing reports in lansweeper and need a report that tells who created and submitted each ticket. If possible can it also show from what department the user is in. I know there is a premade report that says the user who the ticket is related to but that isn't always who created the ticket as our helpdesk creates tickets for users occasionally. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Engaged Sweeper III
You can try this:
Select [htblhistory].userid, htblticket.ticketid, htblusers.name, htblusers.department from htblticket
inner join [htblhistory] on htblticket.ticketid = [htblhistory].ticketid
inner join htblusers on [htblhistory].userid = htblusers.userid
inner join [htblhistorytypes] on [htblhistorytypes].typeid = [htblhistory].typeid
where [htblhistorytypes].name = 'Ticket created'