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Overview - We have a specific group of users who are not assigned a company email address, but who still need to submit helpdesk tickets on occasion. 

Great. Just have them submit tickets via the website. Except they are required to enter an email address the first time they log in with their AD account. I've found where to remove the email requirement,  but am loathe to disable that, as the vast majority of our users DO have email, and would prefer to ensure Lansweeper has their address. We considered having them use a group address, but Lansweeper doesn't allow more than one user to enter the same email address. We tried having users enter a dummy address, then in the user options add the check mark to "Don't send helpdesk emails". This works, as long as the user remembers to set that checkmark. If they forget, then tickets go into an auto-reply loop where lansweeper sends an email, the message bounces back, which updates the ticket, which triggers a lansweeper to send an email, which.... Email subject filters do not have any effect on this loop, I assume because it is updating an existing ticket, rather than ignoring an email to create a new ticket.

I'm open to solutions, but as I see it, our options are to either not require users to enter an email address (and hope the helpdesk will let them create a ticket still?) or find some way for an admin to set the "don't send helpdesk emails" option for specific users or a group of users.

Any ideas?


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