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Customize website user interface

Hello everyone !My last project was about to configure the Lansweeper helpdesk. It take me sometimes but now it works perfectly and helping our employees to create and track tickets more easly !But it still few stuff to configure to let the things be...


Automatic ticket creation by email

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create a ticket automatically by sending an email to a certain adress.Example:Our monitoring system detects an issue on a server;Monitoring system sends email to it support team (

MBI by Engaged Sweeper
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Error when creating installation

Hi, I'm trialing LanSweeper and I've come across a major issue when installing the application on our servers. I've tried several servers, existing 2019 dev server, brand new 2016 server, legacy 2012R2 server and all are having the same issue. I've t...

HPO by Engaged Sweeper
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Trying to attach File with helpdesk API

Hello everyone.I am trying to figure out how to upload a file to the lansweeper API using XMLHttpRequest. I am unsure what I need to do but this is what I for code inside my data submitting function:   var xhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); var objFile...

jmikalik by Engaged Sweeper
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Custom help ticket portal attaching files.

Hello Everyone,I am fairly new to using APIs and I have been tasked with creating a help ticket portal for our end users. So far, I feel I have gotten the hang of posting the data from the web portal to the Lansweeper API. However, I am stuck on figu...

jmikalik by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Loadbalancing Active Scanning on a single large OU

Hey everyone,This is a long time running difficulty we've been dealing with and I would love to know if theres a solution we could find for the following situation:We have multiple scanservers all pointed toward the same large OU in our AD, all our W...

Jvds0 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Linked image cannot be displayed

Starting today for some reason, with no changes to configuration, all of our Lansweeper helpdesk messages have been getting images stripped from alert emails.   Images just show blank with the message: "The linked image cannot be displayed.  The file...

andejo55 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Cleanup Users

Hi,We are using Lansweeper Helpdesk, and have done so for a couple of years, and the Users (/Configuration/HelpdeskUsers/) keeps filling with all external endusers that is communicates with us. We see a need of be able to clean up old external users ...

Joakim by Engaged Sweeper
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lsagent installation using powershell commands

Hello, does anyone know how to deploy the lsagent using the power shell command, in our company we have automox and it is based on power shell, and you can specify the ip of the scan server, the port and the cloud relay authentication key. first of a...

Yecaceres by Engaged Sweeper
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One user help desk tickets fail every time.

We have been using Lansweeper for several years. We have one user that when he replies to a help desk ticket something goes wrong every time. Sometimes we get a "no ticket" error.  Sometimes we can see the ticket but there is no content.Is there some...

ddangel by Engaged Sweeper
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Failing to set up Email with MS Graph

I have followed the steps linked in the Knowledge Base for setting up a Microsoft Cloud Services Application for Sending Helpdesk and email AlertsHowever, I continue to receive this error The E-mail server has not been configured correctly: Http call...


3rd party Agent notification by E-mail

HelloWe work with 3dr party for IT support.I’m looking for was way to put the ticket data into e-mail notification when assigning to Agent.At the moment, Lansweeper send an e-mail notification to inform the Agent that here is a ticket assigned to the...

Daniel_1 by Engaged Sweeper
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