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Champion Sweeper III
why would LS be able to grab the express service code and tag# on an X series Dell switch but not then pull the warranty info? is that a bug or is that not part of the features? Curious since it does all my laptops, pcs and servers.

Checked further and it does not do it for warranty info either on monitors so maybe related?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I'd be happy to help you further, however as you mentioned, this is better handles privately due to the nature of the information that needs to be exchanged. To do full troubleshooting I would suggest mailing to our support team support@lansweeper.com

As for the monitor issue, you can run the following tool to check what monitor information is available on your local computer. This information should be identical to Lansweeper. I suspect your serial number might be incorrectly stored on the computer itself.


Additionally I found the following website which lets you convert your serial number to the express code: http://creativyst.com/Doc/Articles/HT/Dell/DellNumb.htm
Champion Sweeper III
so, the scan warranties is checked, the sites are whitelisted in firewall, the servers and pcs and laptops no problems, but the accessories, not so much.
Monitors get the Express code value wrong. perhaps that is what messes it up?

they are detected correctly as the right model and make, but they do not get the tag# and express service code correct, at least the dell monitors, and it is across several different models of monitor as well as one switch (only that 1 dell switch is scanned at this time)
If you guys want some screen shots and pics of the back of the monitors so you can see the tag#s and such, I am happy to provide offline.
I can look the monitor up manually at the Dell support page with the tag# off the back and they do show up with active or expired ones, so I think it is in the scan just not returning the correct info to LS for some reason.

If you want me to try some commands offline too, it would be my pleasure to help troubleshoot it.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
I'd recommend going over the following article to check whether is meets the requirements to do a warranty check: https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/193/scanning-warranty-information.html

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