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Resolved! Renaming Groups

I have created custom groups that represent assets that aren't "tracked" in LS. I'm baselining a process in which to keep track of assets like Docking Stations (that LS can't see/detect) and making groups for them and their respective deployed locat...

mhammond by Champion Sweeper
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Lansweeper cloud

Hi AllWe have around 190 sites and no actual network as such, so the sites are in essence standalone.We are looking for Assett discovery that will feed into our service now platform and looked at LanSweeper a few months ago but as we have no links in...

perky88 by Engaged Sweeper
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Hello, we've got a proof of concept set up for our organization. We've got lots of assets all throughout the organization and multiple teams that manage those assets (i.e. individual IT teams). We want to make it so that each of those teams can see a...

Identify Patch rack ports

Hello, someone knows which is the best method for organize patch rack ports?With custom fields? Or there are other options?which is the best practice ?Thank you in advance.

Intune v2 scanning not picking up computers

Hello,I have 'Intune v2' scanning target setup and it is discovering my mobile devices (iOS, android), but it is not discovering the workstations that are managed by intune. Specifically, the ones that are NOT domain joined and only managed by intune...

jperry by Engaged Sweeper III
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Just one User cant be found in AD

Hello,We have something very strange in our Lansweeper Installation.we noticed that new AD users are no longer discovered.We could fix this by changing the Domain Controller, Now new users in AD are found again.Our Problem Now:We have a new colleague...

ThMueller by Engaged Sweeper
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Data and File transfer log

Good day everyone!Our company has recently started utilizing Lansweeper, and are experimenting with many of its features.We have also recently been having some of our users dump large files and folders on the network and want a way to see any files t...

CultechMC by Engaged Sweeper
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Software Scanning not displaying accurate applications

Since ugrading to the latest version of LS v., we are getting multiple machines that are not displaying the correct software for the device.Most machines are showing a few apps, but missing allot of the main ones.If i go into the machine hi...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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