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Engaged Sweeper II
Can Lansweeper deploy and keep up with installs that reboot the computer during the install? I'm specifically thinking about using Lansweeper to kick off MDT OS deployments like upgrading PCs to Windows 10. We have some other apps that require a reboot though, usually they'll reboot, you log back in and then the installer picks back up and finishes. I was wondering if Lansweeper can keep up with that or if it gets confused and assumes the install failed. I could also see this being useful for multipart deployments when upgrading a piece of software you have to uninstall first, like:

Step 1: Check for old version (if present, step 2, if not present, step 4)
Step 2: Uninstall old version (if success, step 3, if fail, finish fail)
Step 3: Reboot PC (wait for return, step 4, if not return, finish fail)
Step 4: After back at desktop, install new version (if success, finish success, if fail, finish fail)

If it's not a feature, feel free to move this to the wishlist section. I think it'd be probably easy enough to have a checkbox that has Lansweeper enable autologin at the beginning of the deployment and disable at the end through registry edit, you could just use the scanner credentials and have that feature only available when using those credentials (or if you provide temporary creds during deployment).
Engaged Sweeper III
LiteTouch script has builtin parameters for automated deployment although zero touch will not be available via Lansweeper due to reboot. We use something like below to kick off our Windows 10 upgrades

\\MDT_Share\Scripts\LiteTouch.vbs /tasksequenceID:taskid /SkipTaskSequence:YES /SkipSummary:YES /SkipWizard:YES /SkipFinalSummary:YES

You can add a pause to task sequence to alert users before reboot. This is not perfect but would save a lot of time. Lansweeper will report the task as failed due to reboot.
Engaged Sweeper II
Cool, thanks. Yeah, I've got the CustomSettings.ini configured right now so that it just automatically runs the Windows 10 deployment. Skips all the wizards/summaries and assigns the task sequence.

So maybe this is a feature request then, a way to go through reboots for complicated app deployments, even if it can't do MDT OS deployments 🙂