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Engaged Sweeper

I'm creating a package that uninstalls previously installed software and install updated software. Company that supplies that software said we have to restart computer after previous software has been uninstalled then install updated software.

I've made it so that it will restart target computer after uninstall but it just hangs till time expires instead of continuing with install after the restart. Is it possible to make it install after computer was restarted in one deployment package? Or do I need to create separate uninstall package and run install package after that.

Champion Sweeper II
If want to have all in one package, you can setup the part of install as a scheduled task to run on start up. The bad thing is the deployment log as you will not see how the install part worked.

Or may be you can have two packages but just only run one... i mean:

-uninstall deployment.
-install deployment triggered with after scanning.