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Engaged Sweeper II

ive looked in the forum, but couldnt find anything to solve my problem.

so, when i put a new pc in lansweeper, i want to deploy all active deployment packages. to do so, i have to start every single deployment manually. is there a function that creates package groups, which i have to start only once and all the packages in this group will install?? this would save a lot of work and time.

thank you
Engaged Sweeper II
ty again,

yes, the issue is that i have many packages to deploy at once. when i setup a ne client, it should have every software which is activated in 'deployment'.

ps: sry for my english, its not my native language.
Engaged Sweeper II
to avoid any misunderstanding and be on the same page, the scheduling choice is either/or, not both.
a single scheduled task can be set for a week long schedule or set to run upon scanning but a single schedule cannot do both.

if the schedule is set to run with 'after scanning' schedule, as soon as the device is detected the task is run automatically so the task is run ASAP actually.

what's the issue with 'after scanning' execution?
the timing is not correct?
the devices are not detected?

if the issue is that you have many packages to deploy at once, then I fear the solution is a huge, complex deploy task...
Engaged Sweeper II
ty for your post.

i have exactly this solution adjusted. But the problem here is, that the scheduler runs over a hole week. that means i have to wait a hole week until the packages are deployed. for a client that has to be go in use asap, that is way to long. hmm. any other ideas??
Engaged Sweeper II
I had a similar requirement for update deployment.
here is the solution I found:
1- create a package for whatever deployment you need (install, patch, update, etc)
2- create a report that identify machines in need of the above package
3- create a scheduled deployment based on the above report planned for execution after scanning

the result is that upon scanning the machine lansweeper open the report and if the machine is in that report the package is executed.

issues to be aware of: if you have many of these scheduled 'after scanning' deployments they may overlap and since only one msi installation (I deploy using msi packages) can be active at any one time the first deploy started may prevent the next one until completed. the net effect is that the completion of all expected deployment requires some time, not all deployments are completed on first pass.

the above can be avoided/mitigated using complex reports and/or deployment packages.