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Engaged Sweeper

Let me just preface this post by saying that I am new to using Lansweeper, still trying to figure things out.

I have created a deployment of Adobe Acrobat using only Windows commands. The deployment works perfectly on my own workstation, so I know the problem is not with my script, however it does not seem to work on another test workstation where the logged in user is not a local admin. 99% of the workstation which I will be deploying to will not have a local admin logged in.

I have added my domain admin credentials to the "Scanning credentials" and mapped the credentials to groups in our workstation IP range. I use "Scanning credentials" as the run mode. When I monitor the deployment log my credentials don't appear in the "Message" column during the deployment, the credentials displayed are those of another admin account.

I would like to know how I can get my credentials to work for the deployment or if I'm even going about this in the right way.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
When you use the "Scanning Credentials" Run Mode for a deployment, it will use the credential used to scan the asset you are deploying on.

I'm not sure how you've replaced your credential. The safest way to do this would be to delete the old credential and map the new credential + rescan the assets.

In most cases, the "System Account" should have sufficient permissions to do an installation.

I would recommend doing a connection test to check for connection errors. You can perform a connection test to the same problem client machine with testconnection.exe, which can be found in Program Files (x86)\Lansweeper\Actions on your Lansweeper server. Perform the test from your Lansweeper server to the client machine, submit the same credential used by Lansweeper to scan the client. All checks should be green.

Lastly you can test your deployment package steps. For testing the commands:
  • Copy the Result command of the failed deployment package.
  • Use the exact path defined under Deployment\Security options.
  • Paste the command into the command prompt of a machine where the deployment failed.
  • This should help you identify the cause of the issue. Only when the command works in Command Prompt will it work in Lansweeper as well.
  • If the command worked then we recommend that you check that the command has been added correctly to your package and the parameter are also correctly added to the parameter field.
If a step works in the Command Prompt, it should work in the deployment package.