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Engaged Sweeper
we are trying to get SNMPv3 to work in lansweeper. when we scan a printer with v2 on it gives us all the info, the toner, the mac, everything. With SNMPv3 it sees the printer but doesnt pull any info, everything needs to be put in manually. we have tried the lansweeper snmp tool and it fails when we put in our credentials. the SNMP service is started on the lansweeper server and all the info in lansweeper is correct. we have a print server running FMAudit and WebJet admin using SNMPv3 and all the machine respond just fine as they should, we used snmp tester to confirm the credentials were working and it came back as correct. Does the lansweeper server need to be configured in someway to allow for SNMPv3 scanning. we followed all the documentation here, https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/108/creating-and-mapping-scanning-credentials.html, and https://www.lansweeper.com/kb/162/network-device-scanning-requirements.html, and is still isnt not working. What would the next step be or is there any other way to troubleshoot the connection issue.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
If the devicetester does not produce any results, it is unlikely that Lansweeper will.

As for tips, all I can suggest is double checking that the device does not require a SNMPv3 context or other credential related entry which is currently not supported in Lansweeper.

Should this not be the case, I would recommend sending an email to the support team so they can do further debugging.