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Engaged Sweeper
how can i define different outgoing email-adresses to different teams or ticket types?
i can handy incoming mail on different addresses with rule - so i can set the to an special ticket type, if it is the special "email to".
but when the user answers in this ticket the mail has to be send from the special email-address.
Engaged Sweeper
I have set which agents get what tickets by ticket type- I was wondering where the feature was to set which outgoing email is used by ticket type.

Currently, we have it set so that tickets that come in via the Web console, and go to specific teams/ticket types. However, when those tickets are replied to, the system sends out via the default email address.

The above example says that we can have Agent Aliases set so the web tickets can go out via the correct email address, but I can't find any information on how to set an Agent alias.

I just want to make sure that every ticket sent to a specific ticket type, via email or web, gets response emails back from the ticket types associated email address.
Champion Sweeper III
You can set what agents are members of what teams and set hardware tickets to go only to people who are members of the hardware team, software tickets go to people who are members of the software team. etc.
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
This feature will be included in the next release as mention in this post.
Esben.D wrote:
This feature will be included in the next release as mention in this post.

-- So, where is this feature?

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