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Engaged Sweeper II

We are using a P-Touch QL-500 labelprinter which is directly connected to a windows computer.

This computer is placed in our "installation area" for new notebooks (we are installing between 10-30 notebooks a week, the whole year).

We wanted to directly print 1 QR-Code for a new notebook to get 1 single label to have a very fast workflow.

Whish is:

  1. search asset
  2. select asset
  3. print QR-code

...and the label printer is printing the selected qr-code to place the sticker on the device.

This is at the moment not possible because of different reasons.

  • i cant find a direct print possibility
  • i only can define a fixed format which is not usable because of having a minimum of 2 pieces. so i have to wait everytime for a 2nd notebook
  • i cant find any interface/api other way to send the qr code to the printer

Any ideas?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello @Elharter 

This seems like a unique use case please contact our support team here  Contact Support - Lansweeper IT Asset Management


Engaged Sweeper II

Really? A pre-defined page ur changing printer is default for more then 20 years ^^ 


I will contact the support thanks

Engaged Sweeper II

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