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Engaged Sweeper II
Has anyone been able to successfully install Lansweeper in a distributed model where they have the Lansweeper services broken out across multiple servers? I have the DB hosted on one server and the web/scanning services on another server and all is working as intended. I'm attempting to install additional scanning servers, so multiple servers that each host only the scanning service. I've gone through the installer and selected Windows Authentication and configured the database side as I should, the connection is successful and the install is successful. We can only have a certain number of concurrent connections from a single user account. Therefore, we want to use a separate account for each scan server to connect to the database instance. I thought by installing as the user I want to leverage for connecting to the database and selecting Windows Authentication, the connection string would reflect the user I installed with, however it still shows lansweeperuser in the config tool and attempts to connect to the db using lansweeperuser. Am I misunderstanding Windows Authentication?